Future dates for your diaries are:

Diary dates through to Christmas 2020

This page is mainly about our  parties, mostly on Fridays. On odd number months we tend to party in West London and even number months in North London. We have held a a couple of small supper parties between our regular meets as we felt we needed a way of helping those who are new. We try to have three hosts, an experienced party goer and a couple or three first timers. The big worry is often that the novelty will cause a stirring down below. If several are 'in the same boat' at the same time it will get the novelty out of the way and you can perhaps move on to our regular events with less concern having 'done it once'. If you feel you need this introduction, please e mail us at:


If you are used to social naturism but are not on our mailing list, read the  red text on the ‘Joining & our ethos’ page and the Running our Socials’ page then use the e mail address above to tell us that you agree and want to be included in our emailing system.

Next party date:

Friday 14 February Highgate

Dates to Christmas 2020 are:

Friday 13 March Ealing (Hanger Lane)

Friday 17 April Highgate

Saturday 16 May Ealing and other locations - Eurovision final (Hanger Lane)

Friday 19 June Highgate

Friday 10 July Ealing (Hanger Lane)

Friday 7 August Highgate

Friday 11 September Ealing (Hanger Lane)

Friday 9 October Highgate

Friday 13 November Ealing (Hanger Lane)

Friday 11 December Highgate Mulled wine event - pre Christmas party

All Friday night events are timed 19.00 - 23.30 (times to allow

tube / train connections to most parts and in respect for neighbours) BYO drink

& contribution to pot luck buffet, plus towels - a bigger one if

you want to use the tub at Highgate parties and the usual naturist

consideration of a small one to sit on.

All food at the Ealing - (near Hanger Lane) venue is requested to be vegetarian as the hosts are non meat/fish eaters and do not want it in their flat.

If you are an out-of-towner,  there is limited room to host overnighters at Highgate on airbed /

futon / spare bed / sofa - ask if you need it and ideally bring a sleeping bag.  

To be finalised: A series of film/ DVD nights ‘Dine Naked with Me’ Board Games and Quiz evenings and more newbie supper parties to get those not used to social naturism the chance to try it in a smaller gathering. We are also hoping to organise group bookings for cottages and trips on naked cruises or other events.

Venue capacity and invitations / responses

In recent Highgate events we have attracted a pool of around ninety guys (we were attracting around thirty before magazine articles featured us) of which about a third to a half often have other commitments, so we are getting around 50-70 wanting to attend. We are delighted that we are finding more like-minded guys that like our approach to non-sexual social nudity, but it has got to the point that it is unsafe to move hot buffet food around and circulate comfortably. We have reluctantly decided we have to manage capacity to around 45 at Highgate and 25 at Hanger Lane.

THUS it is necessary to RSVP to the party invitation

(so we know you are a definite 'No' or could make it). We will acknowledge receipt of your interest but will confirm you have a place on the Wednesday before. We operate a door list so don't expect to get in unless you are on the list and have had a confirmatory message. If last minute changes occur and you cannot take up your invitation, we operate a waitlist so tell us so we can call people to take your place. so PLEASE TELL US in case there is someone waiting for your place (three 'no shows' without an explanation or cancellation in time will remove you from the invitation system). If we get no reply from you in six months you will be removed from the system ... but if life events cause this you are welcome to find us again.